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  Office   Name    Work Location   e-Mail Address
  President   Dave Kennedy   Full Time Officer (Westwood)
  Vice President   Ted Thompson   Full Time Officer (Lockland)
  Financial Secretary   Burt Hughes   Retired
  Recording Secretary   Patrick Dougherty   Sharonville    
  Treasurer   Connie Griffieth   Mt. Washington
  Sgt. at Arms   Mike Mize   Lockland   
  Comp. Officer   Tom Roos   Retired
  HBR~MBA   Jim Metz   Retired  
  Director of Retirees   Jerry Giesting   Retired  
  Director of Legislative & Political Affairs                                                                                    
    Dave Durbin   Mid City  
  Don Mueller   Westwood
  Denny Doud   Sharonville
  Skip Grant   Retired
  Randy Utz   Anderson
  AFL-CIO Delegates
  Diana Enwright   Sharonville
  Kevin Grabel   Batavia  
  Kevin Hensley   Sharonville  
  Brian Bailey   Mt. Healthy
  Sue Egbers   Anderson  
  Lamont Seaborough   Lockland  


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